Large Marijuana Grow Operation Busted by Barnstable, Mass. Police

Barnstable grow operation
Barnstable Police Department

A large marijuana grow was discovered by police inside a Massachusetts house on Tuesday.

Twenty-five-year-old Justin Groom of Pocasset has been charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, cultivation of marijuana and possession of a Class C substance with intent to distribute.

Barnstable Police say their investigation started back in September, when a man named David Landry was arrested on multiple counts of heroin trafficking. As authorities continued to investigate Landry and members of his drug trafficking ring, they say they uncovered linking evidence to Groom of a suspected marijuana growing operation on Cheryl Lane in Pocasset.

When a search warrant was executed on Tuesday afternoon at the residence, police say they found "virtually no furnishings" inside the 3,000 square foot house. Instead, they found a sophisticated indoor hydroponic marijuana growing system.

In one garage bay, there were 18 marijuana plants in the flowering stage, and 14 growing marijuana plants were found in another garage bay. Other plants called "clones," which police say are used to keep the marijuana growing cycle going, were found in an upstairs bedroom.

Meanwhile, police say the living room was converted into a processing and packaging area, and more packaged marijuana was found in the kitchen. Forty-eight ounces of hash oil, which contains a high concentration of THC, along with digital scales, paperwork detailing marijuana sales and $5,500 in cash was also found inside the Cheryl Lane residence.

Police estimate the street value of the marijuana at more than $35,000, and that the hydroponic grow equipment is worth about $50,000.

Groom will be arraigned on Wednesday in Falmouth District Court.

The investigation is ongoing and police expect more arrests. 

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