Last Minute Push for Democratic Candidates in Massachusetts AG Primary Race

The Massachusetts attorney general Democratic primary could be a close one

Both Democratic candidates in a hot Massachusetts attorney general primary race made stops at polling locations around Boston just hours before the polls closed Tuesday, trying to get their message out to as many voters as possible in a final push.

Throughout this campaign, Maura Healey, a former assistant attorney general, has touted her experience as a civil rights attorney and prosecutor, saying her goals are to continue to fight for the issues she's been committed to in her work, including fighting for equal pay, women's access to reproductive health care and fighting against casinos.

Tolman has touted his experience as a legislator in the Commonwealth, fighting on Beacon Hill against things such as big tobacco, and says he plans to take on the National Rifle Association, opiate addiction and work to reduce sexual violence on college campuses.

Both candidates say they've worked hard to get the attention of the public and have garnered a lot of support in the process.

"Governor Patrick has endorsed two candidates statewide in his eight years in office, Elizabeth Warren and Warren Tolman, so I think I'm in pretty good company there and I know that judging from those response from people, a lot of people have taken note," Tolman said.

"It's great to be out today. There's a ton of energy, a ton of enthusiasm and we're just pushing really hard, asking for every single, last vote, trying to get people on the phones, trying to get them to the polls today. The team has worked so hard. This has been an amazing grassroots campaign, and so, we're just doing what we've been doing, which is really pushing it hard, and we'll do that until the end tonight," Healey said.

Whomever ends up winning the primary will go on to face Republican John Miller in November's general election. 

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