2 People Hospitalized After 2-Alarm Fire Destroys Leominster Home

A Leominster, Massachusetts home was destroyed early Tuesday morning in a 2-alarm fire that displaced six people.

Fire crews responded to the blaze at about 12:20 a.m. at 83 Lincoln Terrace. Officials upgraded the fire to a 2-alarm upon realizing they needed more water and backup.

"Both hydrants went dead on us, so we had to lay hydrant lines in from the main streets," Leominster Fire Department Chief Robert Sideleau said.

One firefighter and the homeowner sustained minor injuries in the blaze, officials said. The multi-family residence somehow caught fire in the back patio, according to officials.

The property's tenants rushed out of the structure as quickly as they could to escape harm's way after a neighbor woke them up.

"I just got on the phone, put shoes on, got out, started banging on the door trying to get them awake," Kevin Roper said.

The property housed an estimated six people and had three separate units. A dog was able to escape the flames and stay with a neighbor. Unfortunately, seven pet birds perished in the blaze.

The Red Cross provided aid to those affected by the fire.

Officials are investigating the cause of the fire.

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