Lewandowski on His Time With Trump

He was reportedly told directly by Trump that he would be replaced by top strategist Paul Manafort

If Corey Lewandowski is disappointed to be out-of-state from his position as campaign manager for Donald Trump, he's not letting on.

He said of Trump, "You've got a person who has completely changed the way that politics is viewed in this country for the better. And you've got a thoroughbred, a person like Donald Trump who has had his heart and his finger on the pulse of the American people for a long time and so, you know, I like to say I'm a person who has been able to help implement some of his ideas."

Lewandowski, a New Hampshire native, with Trump from day one on his primary journey and said to be Trumps closest advisor, was reportedly told directly by Trump that he would be replaced by top strategist Paul Manafort.

Trump is said to have made the decision because of problems in the campaign that have left the campaign floundering, unprepared to move smoothly into a national, general election.

New Hampshire Democratic party chair, Ray Buckley, says Lewandowski may be a factor, but his strategy to let Trump be Trump may have been the biggest problem.

Buckley said, "I think it's just indicative of the chaos that's going on in the Trump campaign right now. He sinking in the polls. There's no ground troops out there working the grassroots here in New Hampshire or anywhere in the country and each day it seems another top Republican is saying they're not going to support him."

New Hampshire Trump supporter Al Baldasaro, who advises Trump on veterans issues, says he just spoke to Lewandowski last week and everything seemed fine. Baldasaro said, "It is a real shock to New Hampshire because Corey Lewandowski is well loved. He's a go-getter with a can-do attitude. He's got a strategic mind. He'll be up a loss to the campaign. All I know is that everywhere I've been around the country with Donald Trump and Cory, they've been connected at the hip."

Asked how he felt about leaving, Lewandowski said, "It has been so amazing. And I wouldn't change one second of my time with Mr. Trump other than to say thank you."

According to Campaign sources, Trump's children have not been happy with Lewandowski, especially daughter Ivanka, ever since Lewandowski was accused of physically assaulting a female reporter months ago.

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