Listen to the Dramatic 911 Calls From the Revere, Mass. Tornado

Revere Fire says about 200 calls came in as the tornado struck

NECN has obtained the dramatic 911 calls from the tornado in Revere, Massachusetts, last month.

The fire department says about 200 calls came in as the tornado struck, destroying buildings, flooding roads and causing minor injuries to several people.

Here's a sampling:

Dispatcher: "911, this line is recorded. What is your emergency?"
Caller: (inaudible)
Dispatcher: "Ma'am, what's your emergency?"
Caller: (inaudible)
Dispatcher: "I can't understand you. Where are you?"
Caller: (inaudible)
Dispatcher: "What's the problem?"

The woman is so distraught she can barely speak.

Eventually, the dispatcher is able to understand:

Caller: "My back window broke." (Inaudible)
Dispatcher: "Your back window in your car broke?"
Caller: "Yes, yes."
Dispatcher: "But you're not hurt?"
Caller: "No, no."
Dispatcher: "Okay, we believe it's over now."

Here's several more callers:

Caller: "There's a tornado that just touched down on the corner of Park Ave and Broadway in Revere."

Caller: "We have a lot of power lines down, it's like a war-zone, this is crazy."

There's also communication between State Police and Revere dispatchers: "Revere, State here ... How are you doing? You've gotten several calls on this, there's reports of tornado touching down."

We also heard from the homeowner of a house on Revere Beach Parkway.

Her home is now unlivable and destroyed after the roof ripped off, like many others nearby.

"I have a tree that's in (inaudible) in my house, and I own a two-family house and the top flew off, the front living room is cracked, the ceiling is cracked, there's water pouring in," the caller said.

The fire department says there wasn't a 911 call for an infant injured from breaking glass in a vehicle, because a passerby was luckily able to immediately flag down a nearby fire-truck.  

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