Lynn Cleans Up Flood's Mess

Most roads were clear Monday after a strong storm flooded Lynn, Massachusetts over the weekend and the community began cleaning up the mess left behind.

More than eight inches of rainfall were recorded Sunday in just two hours, causing severe flooding and damage. Drivers were stranded in the downpour and some had to climb on top of their cars in order to be rescued.

One person ditched their car and grabbed a kayak instead.

On Ainsworth Place, the Ewing's discovered a six-foot section of their new home's foundation had collapsed under the pressure of the flood waters.

"We've been in it for 13 days and this is what I get? It's terrible," said Joyce Ewing.

The fire department and building inspector were on scene within minutes.

The home is now being propped up by jacks so it does not cave in.

According to Paul Ricchi, Lynn's Director of Emergency Management, it does not appear the city will meet the financial threshold to qualify for state aid.

Ricchi was driving around town with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to survey the damage.

"Right now it's information gathering because to get assistance from the state, to get resources from the state, we kind of need to know what the impact is," said Ricchi.

This city will be creating an online survey where neighbors can comment on what they lost and attach photos so a final decision on aid can be determined.

On Bennett Street, nearly every business was impacted by the flash flooding. Cessy DelRio said his auto body shop has had water in years past but this time it was far worse.

"This one was definitely the worst," DelRio said.

He guessed about three feet of water filled the shop with the higher amounts outside. DelRio lost electrical equipment at REM Auto Body and will likely have to renovate.

"Yeah so it is flooded, it has water in it," DelRio said of his personal Chevy Impala that was inside the shop. "This is all your time, your money that you put into your business. When you see it like that, you almost want to cry."

Damage to the auto shop is estimated at $200,000.

Emergency crews responded to more than 100 storm-related calls Sunday. However, there were no reports of any major injuries.

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