Wrentham Residents Upset About Plows Knocking Down Mailboxes

Mailboxes are falling at an increasing rate in Wrentham, Massachusetts, prompting the town's police chief to issue a statement on Facebook and offer suggestions to solve the problem.

The mailboxes often times are getting knocked over by snow plows following the winter storms, according to town residents.

Police Chief Bill McGrath said some residents are requesting an investigation into the reoccurring issue. He says that won’t be happening anytime soon.

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Instead, he said it’s worth looking into practices that will protect your mailbox.

"Everything from the fence post with spikes that can go into the ground and you can lift the post out, to mailboxes that have box platforms and you can wheel them away," McGrath said.

McGrath made light of those who are angered by the plows doing their job in an area where snow falls with regularity.

"The very few who are very outraged, we suspect they’re from California," he said.

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