Maine Gym on the Cutting Edge of Sports With Ax Throwing Range

It’s like throwing darts or shooting archery – just edgier

A Maine gym may be on the cutting edge of sports, opening up the first ax throwing range in New England, and one of the only in the country. 

It’s like throwing darts or shooting archery – just edgier. 

“People are a little afraid of throwing an ax, but it’s much easier than you would expect,” said Tim Johnson, co-founder of the Maine Warrior Gym in Westbrook

He said he discovered the sport on a trip to Montreal, where ax throwing has becoming an emerging past-time. 

“I thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring it to Maine,” said Johnson. 

In Canada, there are competitions and ax throwing leagues. At the axthrowing range “Rage Montreal,” staff says they are constantly booked for ax throwing appointments. 

Johnson said the state that claims to be the birthplace of Paul Bunyan seemed like the perfect target for spreading the sport in the states.

“This is Maine – people like axes,” he said. 

People can compete in a group or get one-on-one instruction from one of the “ax-perts” at the Axe Pit at the Maine Warrior Gym, starting this weekend. 

“We’ve got a lot of great feedback and a lot of people have signed up for appointments,” said Johnson. 

Their website advertises ax throwing as a great activity for friends, coworkers, or dates. 

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