Man Arrested After Trespassing Within Tunnel Walls

Daniel J. Kelley of Somerville, Mass. successfully removed from vent area

A Massachusetts man is under arrest for trespassing within Boston tunnel walls.

Twenty-seven-year-old Daniel J. Kelley of Somerville faces charges for the incident in the Ted Williams/Connector tunnels.

Police received a call Monday night from a man reporting he was trapped in a storm drain and could not find a way out of his location. Dispatchers were able to determine the caller was located somewhere in the Boston tunnels.

Troopers began searching the area while the man described what he could see. He said he could see white walls with a light blue bottom.

After approximately 20 minutes, the caller stated he could hear a police siren. All troopers stopped and one by one activated their sirens, narrowing down a more specific area to where the caller was.

The D ramp in the area of the Ted Williams/Connector tunnels was temporarily shut down while troopers continued their search.

Eventually, a trooper saw a hand waiving from an upper vent on a tunnel wall. The man was successfully removed and placed under arrest for trespassing.

"This individual did not defeat any security measures in place at any points of access or egress to gain entry into the tunnel system," said MassDOT Highway Administrator Thomas J. Tinlin in a statement. "Rather, this individual trespassed on to a segment of state highway that was proximate to a tunnel portal, by jumping down onto the highway, an action that is both dangerous and foolish."

Kelley will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court.

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