Man Charged After Driving Truck That Lost Wheels Without a License

48-year-old Valdir DosSantos of Lowell was charged with driving without a license in connection with a scary accident over the weekend that seriously injured another driver.

Investigators say DosSantos was driving a Ford Super Duty dump truck on I-95 South in Waltham midday Saturday when two right rear wheels came careening off the truck into traffic.

One of the tires bounced over the median and struck this Mazda going northbound on 95.

The tire crushed the roof and windshield of the car, seriously injuring the driver, 27-year-old Rose DeDominkis of Boston.

DeDominkis was transported to Laney Clinic with significant but non-life threatening injuries.

The other tire struck a 2008 Toyota Prius driving southbound; the driver of that car was uninjured.

"He tell me for he no have a license," said Wilson Melo, a friend of DosSantos speaking on his behalf.

Melo said he doesn't know how the accident happened.

"The tires go out in the road, across the highway," described Melo.

Investigators say as they try to piece together what caused the wheels to come off the truck, they will proceed with charges against DosSantos.

The prosecutor said, "There is just a request for an additional date given the nature of the injuries of the other operator."

A not guilty plea was entered on behalf of DosSantos.

He was released on the bail he posted over the weekend.

DosSantos is due back in court April 19th.

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