Man Charged With Throwing Dog in Dumpster Because He Was ‘Tired'

A witness told police a man was seen leaving a Wareham, Massachusetts home throwing a small black and white dog over his head and into the dumpster

A New Hampshire man was charged in Massachusetts with animal cruelty after he allegedly threw a dog in a dumpster because he was "tired" and that the pet would not "stop bothering him," according to authorities.

Police in Wareham say 28-year-old James Balboni of Dover, New Hampshire, was staying with another man in town when he threw the pooch in a commercial dumpster.

Authorities received an animal cruelty call on Sunday and responded to a home on 3030 Cranberry Highway. There, they saw a man described as "visibly upset" removing a small black and white dog from the dumpster.

An officer determined that man was the dog’s owner and was told that the pup was thrown by Balboni. A witness also told the officer that a man was seen leaving the dog owner’s home and throwing the pooch over his head.

Wareham police said an investigation revealed Balboni heaved the animal into the dumpster because "he was tired, had not slept and the dog would not stop bothering him."

Balboni was charged with cruelty to animals and is expected to be arraigned at a later date.

The dog did not suffer any injuries and is in custody of its owner.

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