Man Who Opened Fire on Attleboro, Mass Police Has Had Previous Run-Ins With Law

Eric Lindsey, 41, has had two cases of confrontations with police dismissed by a judge

What to Know

  • Eric Lindsey of Conventry, Rhode Island was arrested for opening fire on two Attleboro, Massachusetts officers Tuesday.
  • Previous police reports show he was known to officers for other violent encounters.
  • In one report, Lindsey reached for an officer's gun and jumped down a flight of stairs to drag the officer.

A man who opened fire on two Attleboro, Massachusetts police officers Tuesday has had previous run-ins with the law, according to police reports.

Rhode Island officials released several police reports that detail 41-year-old Eric Lindsey’s violent encounters with police and cases dismissed by a judge before his Tuesday arrest.

The Convetry, Rhode Island resident was allegedly heavily intoxicated in his October 2017 encounter with officers outside Brewmaster’s Sports Bar. Officers responded to the bar after an employee complained that he refused to leave. Police gave Lindsey a ride home then allegedly saw him driving a vehicle about 10 minutes later.

After Lindsey pulled over, he explained to officers that he did not want to leave his guns in his car, which was still parked across the street from the bar, according to police. He allegedly told officers his firearms were in the trunk of the vehicle. Lindsey refused to take a sobriety test and was arrested for DUI. He later agreed and had a blood-alcohol level of .275, according to a police report by the Conventry Police Department.

Officers did not charge him with possession of a firearm while intoxicated but seized his guns instead for safekeeping.

In January, Lindsey had another encounter in which he allegedly attempted to take an officer’s gun. Police were called to assist medics who were trying to help Lindsey when he was intoxicated at an apartment. The suspect was "vomiting, kicking, and flailing his arms," as he fought two officers, according to the police report.

After officials were able to detain him, they attempted to lead him down a flight of stairs to an ambulance. At the top of the stairs, he allegedly asked an officer, "Want to go for a ride?" then jumped face-first down the stairs in an attempt to drag the officer with him.

Lindsey slid down the stairs while the officer was able to hold his balance. After checking on the suspect at the bottom of the stairs, Lindsey reached for the officer’s gun, according to the police report. While being strapped into a stretcher, he repeatedly said, "I had your gun, 23. I’m going to remember you, 23."

He was charged with resisting legal or illegal arrest and disorderly conduct for the encounter.

On Aug. 2, Lindsey again fought officers after they responded to his mother’s call of him being suicidal. He backed himself into a corner and repeatedly told officers that he was not going to go anywhere.

A judge dismissed both of the cases this year and instead ordered Lindsey to seek mental health resources.

Lindsey’s latest arrest was the result of him allegedly opening fire on officers. The suspect, armed with a gun, was found by Pastor Randal Ackland in the Assembly of God Church. After a brief encounter, Lindsey left the place of worship and encountered the officers.

"I'm grateful the police officers were spared and that even Eric is now getting the help he needs," Ackland told NBC10 Boston.

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