‘You Gonna Get Shot on This Train': Man Threatens MBTA Riders

Videos show the suspect yelling at riders on numerous occassions

A man who has been threatening MBTA riders on the Red Line train has been identified by the Transit Police and is expected to be charged.

According to video necn obtained from a witness, the man has threatened riders on at least two occasions: once on a train in the Boston area and a second time between Boston and North Quincy. The witness asked that her name not be used for fear of retaliation.

The first incident, which took place a few months ago, occurred on a Red Line train during the evening commute. The witness told necn a rider attempted to reach for a pole to stablize himself on the train when a man began yelling at him.

In the video, the second man can be heard yelling, "You gonna throw your arm? You're lucky you didn't hit me in the face."

He then goes on to say, "Nobody disrespects me on the train."

The woman who witnessed the incident added that the conductor walked on the train and asked what was going on when another rider informed the conductor the suspect was at the other end of the train car.

It is unclear if the man was spoken to by MBTA personnel.

The second incident occurred on Wednesday during the morning commute, again on a Red Line train. The same woman captured the incicent on video.

According to the witness, the same man from the first incident accused another rider of pushing him once he got on the train.

On the video, the man can be heard yelling, "You're making the wrong mistake. Don't start that pushing (expletive) ...you gonna get shot on this train if you gonna start this."

The man then noticed the woman recording him and said, "You're putting a camera in my face, you're gonna be mad when I break it."

He then proceeded to knock the camera out of the witness's hand.

According to the witness, the man notified an MBTA agent that she was recording him when she stepped in and told the agent the suspect had assaulted her.

The woman told necn that the MBTA official asked her if she needed police and took her statement.

"I want him banned from public transportation where he can't continue to do this," she said in a telephone interview with necn on Friday.

MBTA Transit Police said Friday that they have identified the man and "appropriate charges will be sought.

"Our number 1 priority is the safety of our riding public," the Transit Police said. "We truly appreciate the victim had the courage to bring this to our attention. We will not tolerate such behavior and we hope this incident will serve as a warning to anyone who conducts themselves in such a manner, the TPD will identify, locate and prosecute you."

The suspect's name has not been released.

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