Man Arraigned After Violent Road Rage Incident Arrested

Police in Raynham, Massachusetts, have arrested a man wanted in connection with a violent road rage incident.

Joshua Robinson, 27, of Taunton, faced a judge Wednesday afternoon after being arrested following an incident that took place on Route 44 in Raynham on March 24.

"It's simple, straight-forward road rage where he was zigging and zagging in and out of traffic, nearly hitting cars that were behind me," said the victim, who did not want her face showed on camera.

That driver says the situation escalated until the suspect came to a full stop. She took a photo of his car. Furious, the suspect allegedly turned into a plaza and, for some reason, she followed.

"Hindsight's 20/20 - if I knew what kind of person I was dealing with," she explained. "You never know."

She started to call police. That's when she says he ran up to her car with a box cutter in his hand, threatening to stab her.

"I laughed, and that's what sent him off, and he took the box cutter in his hand and he smashed my window," said the victim.

The motorist was cut by the broken glass, but recorded the incident. A still shot Raynham Police put on social media led to an arrest.

But Robinson's defense lawyer that's not the whole story.

"What has been portrayed on social media at this particular point in time is what the alleged victim says happened to her," said Josh Werner. "After conversations with my client, there are some facts which we suggest differ significantly."

A longtime friend of the suspect, who did not want to be identified, is also coming to his defense.

"He's a good kid, I've known him over 10 years. Never really had any problems, no anger issues or anything, just a hard worker," said the friend.

Robinson faces a long list of charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon. He's being held on $5,000 cash bail.

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