Massachusetts Man Who Hid Crack Cocaine in Buttocks Charged With Distributing Drugs

A Framingham, Massachusetts man who hid crack cocaine in his buttocks was arrested and charged for distributing drugs, according to police.

The MetroWest Drug Task Force entered the home of 41-year-old Anthony Bapitiste on Wednesday after receiving tips that he was selling cocaine and heroin.

The suspect was carrying a knife with cocaine residue on it when officials entered the home. Police said they found two digital scales with possible drug residue on them and sandwich bags with the corners cut off.

After they arrested Baptiste, officers asked him to spread his legs for a search. The suspect was hesitant to do so, which led to police discovering that he had crack cocaine hidden in his buttocks.

Bapitiste was charged with distribution of cocaine and was arraigned on Wednesday. He was ordered held without bail.

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