Manhole Explosions Hurts Businesses Bottom Line

As many as 20 explosions rocked Main Street in Brockton, Massachusetts. Manholes bursted into the air Friday, leaving windows shattered and cars on fire. Saturday morning crews worked to bring the block back to normal.

Manny Fernandez works in one of the buildings affected by the explosions and was watching closely as crews repaired as many as six underground areas."National Grid was here all night repairing everything on Main Street. In a day or two we should be back in business again," he said.

For now, signs line the stores forced to close. Even though Executive Cuts was able to re-open, barbers say it had an impact. "We were in the middle of doing haircuts and they shut our power off, which is kind of messed-up because there was a bunch of customers with half done haircuts," said Gabriel Eramo.

Now the barbers are working overtime in an effort to make up for the cuts they lost, and hoping the explosions don't cut into their profits."We gotta play catch-up now so its Fourth of July weekend. This is a busy weekend for us so it definitely affected our business as far as traffic flow money and all that," said Eramo.

Inspectors say wiring underground caught fire, creating pressure that made the manholes explode. They expect repairs to continue through the afternoon.

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