Market Basket Customer: “We've Got The Biggest Smiles”

People are celebrating now that Arthur T. Demoulas took control back

Now that the Market Basket sale is finalized, supporters of Arthur T. Demoulas are celebrating their victory.

"We were all high-fiving in there, laughing and congratulating everybody," customer Tina Melange said. "We've got the biggest smiles on our faces."

She said not shopping at Market Basket out of protest and support for the past two months has hurt her wallet. She said prices were much higher at other stores compared to Market Basket.

Upon word of a deal being signed to put an end to the Market Basket saga, customers like Melange came to fill their cars full of groceries.

One customer has been coming by the Tewksbury, Massachusetts, Market Basket twice a day, honking her horn in support.

"We're having an 'Artie' party this afternoon," the customer said. "We have cupcakes and party cake ice cream."

The bakery at the Tewksbury store has been pumping out special cupcakes that read, "Market Basket Strong."

Of course, the other side of this war was waged by the employees, many of whom are returning to work, excited to see their customers.

"We're still waiting on some product in certain departments, but hopefully we can get the customers back as soon as possible," one employee said.

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