Martha Coakley’s Final Campaign Push in Massachusetts Governor’s Race

As Democratic Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley hit the streets for her election eve rallies, she teamed up with some of the state’s most successful and well-known Democrats, including from Senator Elizabeth Warren at a rally in Lynn.

"We believe in equal pay for equal work," Warren said at the rally.

She also campaigned with outgoing Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick at an event in Somerville.

"That is who the next governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will be in Martha Coakley," Patrick said.

Coakley said she knows with the race as close as it is, she won’t only need the support of the big names in politics but voters from throughout the Commonwealth.

"I’ve known it would be a close race when we got in and we feel our numbers are good, our turnout is good," Coakley said, "this is going to be a ground game and we’ve got the best ground game so I feel pretty confident tomorrow."

Coakley said she’s hoping those last holdout undecided voters look at her promises like investing in youth, early education, and earned sick time and support her on the ballot.

"If you have my back and our terrific team’s back, I will have your back for four years and we will make Massachusetts prosperous and fair," said Coakley, "so let’s go get ‘em, let’s get to work!” 

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