Masked Man Fires Blank Round Inside Watertown Hair Salon, Demands Money

Police said a man donning a ski mask walked inside a Watertown, Massachusetts salon and demanded money before he fired a blank round

A masked armed man who fired a shot inside a Massachusetts hair salon left employees shaken up Wednesday as police continue to search for the culprit.

The incident happened shortly after 7 p.m. at Behind the Hair salon in Watertown when a man wearing a black ski mask and hooded sweatshirt walked in the business, according to police. The masked man was armed with a gun and demanded money. 

"It was determined that a gentleman did come in and fired one round we believed to be a blank round," Lt. James O'Connor of the Watertown Police Department said.

Investigators recovered a blank shell casing at the scene. Authorities said the man got away on a bicycle. 

It is unclear if he took off with anything.

"We believe this is safe. It's a safe neighborhood, we believe the area right now is safe," O'Connor said. "Also important, if anyone saw anything, contact Watertown police."

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact the Watertown Police Department at 617-972-6500.

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