‘He's Shooting Everyone': Massachusetts Native Shot 5 Times at Orlando Nightclub Describes Chaos

Angel Colon of Framingham said he was shot five times

A Massachusetts native who was shot five times in the Orlando nightclub attack described the chaotic scene at a news conference Tuesday.

"It was a great night, no drama, just smiles, just laughter. Out of nowhere, we just hear a big shotgun," Angel Colon of Framingham said in a press conference held Tuesday morning at Orlando Regional Medical Center. "We stop what we're doing and it just keeps going. We just grabbed each other, we started running."

Colon said he was shot three times in the leg and fell down. He tried to get up, but was trampled, shattering and breaking bones in his left leg.

"By this time I couldn't walk at all," he said. "All I could do was just lay down there. All I could hear was the shotgun, one after another, people screaming, people yelling for help."

Colon said the shooter then went into another room, and more gun shots rang out.

"I thought I was a little safe at this time," he said. "Unfortunately, I hear him come back and he's shooting everyone that's already dead on the floor, making sure they're dead. I could just see him shooting at everyone. I could hear the shotguns closer, and I look over and he shoots the girl next to me.

"I'm just there laying down, I'm thinking, 'I'm next. I'm dead.' I don't know how, by the glory of God, he shoots toward my head, it hits my hand. He shoots me again, and it hits the side of my hip. I had no reaction. I was just prepared to stay there laying down so he wouldn't know that I'm alive. He's just doing this for five minutes - he's just shooting all over the place."

Next, the shooter went up to the front of the club, where Colon said it appeared he was "battling against the cops." Colon heard more shots, and then he looked up and saw a police officer.

"To this day I'm grateful for him. He looks at me, he makes sure I'm alive. He grabs my hand and says, 'This is the only way I can take you out.' He starts to drag me out across the street for a Wendy's, and I'm grateful for him but the floor is just covered in glass.

"As he's dragging me out I'm just getting cut. I don't feel pain but I just feel all this blood on me from myself, from other people. He just drops me off across the street. I look over and there's just bodies everywhere."

Colon said he was able to get to an ambulance, who brought him to the hospital.

"If it wasn't for you guys, I definitely would not be here," he told the doctors and nurses at Tuesday's press conference. "Every morning, in the middle of the night, in the afternoon, you guys are always there. I will love you guys forever for doing that for me."

Colon is the fourth Orlando shooting victim with New England ties.

Stanley Manolo Almodovar III and Kimberly "KJ" Morris both died in the attack. Almodovar, 23, attended elementary school in Springfield, Massachusetts. Morris, 37, was a Torrington, Connecticut, native and lived in Northampton and Springfield, Massachusetts, for years before moving to Florida to care for her mother and grandmother.

Jeffrey Rodriguez, who was born and raised in Leominster, Massachusetts, was shot three times in the attack. He remains in critical condition in an Orlando hospital.

Necn's Jeff Saperstone is in Orlando to report on this developing story. Tune in for live coverage.

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