Mass. Police Search For Prank Caller Harassing Dallas PD

Police in Salem, Massachusetts are trying to find a crank caller who they say is harassing the Dallas Police Department on the phone.

"She had called the Dallas PD at least 40 times, celebrating the deaths of the fallen officers," said Salem Police Chief Mary Butler.

Last Friday, Butler said a Dallas police officer contacted her agency for help, saying a woman from a 978 area code kept insulting them over the phone as their department was overwhelmed and strained from the shooting deaths of five officers.

Dispatcher Michael Prosniewski took the call and went through several hoops and eventually traced the call back to a google voice number and an IP address in Lowell.

"I’m not going to say what the name of the female is at this point because we don’t know if that system wasn’t hacked," said Butler.

Lowell police officers are assisting with the investigation. But until the investigation is complete, Butler said it’s hard to say if this caller will even be charged.

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