With Donald Trump as Presumptive Nominee, Massachusetts Republicans Ponder Next Steps

Gov. Charlie Baker said he will vote, but isn't sure if he'll write in a candidate

Now that Donald Trump is officially the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Massachusetts' governor, like many moderate New England Republicans, is not quite sure what he'll do on Election Day.

"I've already said before that I'm not going to vote for Mr. Trump," said Gov. Charlie Baker. "I sincerely doubt I'll be voting for Hillary Clinton, either."

Baker was asked if he'd do a write-in vote.

"It'll depend who else is on the ballot, I suppose," he said.

The governor's remarks came on the same day that John Kasich suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Ted Cruz dropped out of the race on Tuesday night after losing Indiana to Trump. That leaves Trump as the only Republican contender still in the race, all but ensuring that he will be the Republican nominee.

Baker at least plans to vote. Former Massachusetts Republican chair Jennifer Nassour says she won't. She is incredulous, but mainly sad, she says, that her lifelong party has gotten behind the reality TV star.

"I think that he's unstable," Nassour said. "I think that he's going to be dangerous. I think that the best case scenario is that he just damages the Republican Party."

Nassour expects many Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton - like Mark Salter, a former strategist to Republican Senator John McCain.

"The GOP is going to nominate for President a guy who reads the National Enquirer and thinks it's on the level," he tweeted. "I'm with her."

The "vote for Hillary" option is definitely not happening for Republican political consultant Patrick Griffin, who opposes Trump and is hoping he will now start to channel his ability to energize the electorate in a positive direction.

"It seems to me Trump has an opportunity," Griffin said. "The question is can he pivot into acting presidential, which so far he has not done."

"It's odd and it's disappointing," Baker said of the situation he's now in. "I certainly have found this to be one of the most troubling election cycles across the board I've seen in my lifetime."

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