Massachusetts State Police Deny Reported Traffic Ticket Quota System From Disbanded Troop E

Dozens of former Troopers from the now-disbanded Troop E have been charged in an ongoing overtime abuse investigation

Massachusetts State Police deny the troop involved in an ongoing overtime abuse investigation established a quota for issuing tickets to drivers.

The Boston Globe reports troopers in the disbanded Troop E were expected to issue a minimum of eight tickets during their shifts. Troopers who failed to meet the quota reportedly were denied opportunities to work overtime.

In a statement to NBC10 Boston on Tuesday, state police said the department does not condone a quota system.

"While the department does not comment on ongoing legal proceedings, the department has no policy or operating procedures that establish quotas, and does not endorse a quota system," the statement said.

Allegations of the quota came to light following a sentencing memo for Eric Chin, who pleaded guilty in connection with the ongoing scandal and was terminated from the department in December 2018.

Dozens of former troopers from Troop E were charged for fraud and embezzlement for being paid for overtime shifts they did not work or from which they left early.

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