Massachusetts State Police

Mass. State Trooper Hospitalized Following Fentanyl Exposure Scare

Authorities say a trooper processing a woman's booking came into contact with a substance on her clothes

A Massachusetts State Police trooper was taken to a hospital following a fentanyl exposure scare in Norwell.

At about 1:40 a.m. Friday, a trooper from the department's Norwell Barracks had a woman under arrest for possession of a class A drug and took her to the station for booking, according to state police. A substance was found on the woman's clothes during booking and she claimed it was fentanyl.

As a result, a hazmat response was initiated and the trooper was taken to South Shore Hospital as a precaution. The woman refused treatment so she was not taken to a medical center.

Testing by a hazardous materials team was unable to confirm the substance to be fentanyl. Authorities did not say what the substance was.

The trooper was released from the hospital and showed no signs of having exposure to fentanyl. The trooper's cruiser and the station are under a decontamination process, state police said. 

Authorities did not release the name of the woman who was arrested or with what she had been charged. No injuries were reported.

The CDC warns that inhaling or ingesting fentanyl could cause life-threatening respiratory issues, and skin contact also poses a risk, although it is less of a risk if removed immediately.

The investigation is ongoing.

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