Massachusetts Tourism Chief Wants to Change State's Slogan

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The new executive director of the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism thinks the state's slogan needs to be spiced up a little.

As far as Rich Doucette is concerned, "It's all here," is a little too generic and could be used for any other state.

Doucette said he's not wedded to changing or keeping the current slogan, and doesn't expect anything to get decided before late summer or autumn.

"If everybody's in love with the old one, then I want to hear about it," Doucette said. "If people didn't even know about it and want to suggest another one, I'm all ears."

Doucette added that he dreams of a phrase that becomes as iconic and enduring as “I love New York,” “Virginia is for lovers,” or “Maine: The way life should be.”

"This is where it all started. This is the shot heard round the world," Doucette said. "We have history - but I don't think we can rest on that alone. I think it has to be the past, present, and future."

One maybe surprising – to grumpy Bostonians – theme that emerged in interviews with several Marathon runners still in the city Tuesday: They think of Boston and Massachusetts as, believe it or not, friendly.

"Boston, in particular, has been very friendly," said Scott McLean, a marathoner from Dexter, Michigan.

Neil Hetheringinton, in from Eagan, Minnesota, said while he doesn't actually believe in his own state's "Minnesota Nice" reputation, over several Marathon visits, he's found people surprisingly and genuinely warm. He'd vote for a phrase that includes "something about the people, and friendliness: 'Boston friendly. Massachusetts friendly.'"

"As cheesy as it sounds, it's just that Boston has a hometown feel," said Hetherington's girlfriend, Jody Nelson, who qualified Monday to run again next year. "Like, I'm not from here, but it makes me feel like I'm coming home each year [I come to run]."

Doucette told The Boston Globe the state "can make a stronger statement" and needs something more unique with the word 'Massachusetts" in there somehow.

Doucette, who has a background in marketing, was just named to the post last week so says it may be a while before the slogan is replaced. But he says he's already churning some options over in his mind and is interested what make the state unique and the state's place in history.

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