MBTA, Commuters Prepare for Extreme Cold Monday

Subway trains were stored inside tunnels to protect them from the cold

When Alex Lugo hears of extreme weather approaching Massachusetts, she says she can't help but wonder what it will mean for her MBTA commute. 

"It's usually more frustrating than anything. Usually give myself more time to get to work," she said.

The MBTA saw minor delays as it faced frigid temperatures Monday after taking a number of steps overnight to get the system ready for the morning commute.

Subway trains were kept inside tunnels all night to keep them from the extreme cold, and the transit system says hundreds of employees worked overnight checking equipment and exercising switches to keep them from freezing.

Despite taking preventative measures over the weekend, Sunday's arctic temperatures lead to delays and problems on the Green, Red and Orange Lines.

Crews worked to address the issues as quickly as possible, even using a technique called a snake kit to realign rails, which involves lighting kerosene-soaked material on fire at the base of the rail to warm the tracks.

Riders on Monday said they just plan to expect the unexpected.

One positive is the lower passenger volume on Monday due to it being Presidents Day. Most MBTA services are operating on a Saturday schedule.

Check out the MBTA website for more details.

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