MBTA Prepares for More Snow With “Snowzilla”

It's not your household snow blower - this machine is what it takes to clear snow and ice from the tracks on the MBTA Orange Line.

They call it the "Snowzilla."

Two of these machines, powered by jet engines, were brought in from New York to clear the tracks.

"We're willing to help," said Harvey Gonzalez of New York Transit. "We're good sports rivals, so we'll get you next year. But we're here to play with the snow now, we're going to help you guys out."

Snow caused major problems this past week on many of the lines. T commuters have been frustrated.

"It's been horrible," said commuter Jessica Claflin.

That aggravation carried over to Saturday, when, because of the snow clearing operation, Orange Line commuters had to be bused between Oak Grove and Sullivan Square. Many of those buses were full.

"I'm frustrated," said Lara Booth. "My commute has been taking much longer than normal."

The general manager of the T says they vow to make things better.

"My message is we feel your pain," said Beverly Scott. "We are trying to do everything we possibly can."

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