Medical Examiner Claims He Was Bullied by DA Ryan

A Massachusetts medical examiner is claiming Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and her office "bullied" him into keeping an original ruling of homicide in the death of a 6-month-old Malden baby, despite new evidence, according to the Boston Globe.

Peter Cummings originally ruled that the 2010 death of the baby was the result of head trauma. The child's father, Geoffrey Wilson, was charged with murder.

However, Wilson's defense found that members of Wilson's family had a history of a genetic defect that caused ruptured veins and arteries. Because of this, Cummins changed his ruling to "could not be determined."

Cummings said Ryan and her office tried to get him to change his finding and accused them of looking for other medical examiners.

Ryan denied the claims of bullying and said her office always seeks a second opinion.

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