Methuen High School Student Arrested for Leaving Threatening Note

A Methuen High School student has been arrested after leaving a threatening note in the school bathroom.

The school said it was a "copycat" incident but was not directly connected to an email threat that led the high school to be evacuated on Wednesday.

"There is no connection between this threat and the threats that were made yesterday," School Superintendent Judith Scannell said.

The student said he left the note because he wanted to get out of school. Scannell stressed that students at the high school were in no danger.

The school said it could not release the student's name or any other information. Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon tweeted that the student is a 15-year-old freshman.

The source of Wednesday's email threat has not been identified. Wednesday was the third straight school day that Massachusetts schools were forced to close due to email or phone threats.

Two more schools in Milford, Massachusetts, are also shut down on Thursday after a threat was received.

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