Threat to Shoot ‘Anyone' at Millbury Inn Deemed ‘Swatting' Call: Police

A man claiming to have a gun called police and threatened to shoot "anyone" at a Millbury inn

Massachusetts State Police are investigating a hoax call in which man threatened to kill "anyone" at a Millbury inn.

The swatting call was received shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday when a man claimed to have a gun and said he planned to shoot "anyone" at the Wheelock Inn, state police said. Millbury police lost contact with the caller and responded to the scene.

State police, a tactical unit and K-9s made entry into the inn and assessed the scene. The building was empty and there was no evidence of any recent entry.

Authorities said the number used to make the threat originated from Ohio. Millbury police plan to perform a follow-up investigation.

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