Mom Who Appeared to OD on Camera Faces Judge

A New Hampshire woman who was caught on camera after passing out from an apparent overdose inside a store with her young daughter looking on in horror faced a judge Friday.

Mandy McGowan, 37, asked for leniency on charges she's facing after overdosing in the Family Dollar store in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

The incident, which happened last September, was caught in a video showing McGowan lying on the floor overdosed, as her 2-year-old daughter cried alone.

McGowan’s attorney, James Klotz, asked that the child endangerment charge be dropped and for McGowan to be placed on probation. The prosecution didn't agree. 

ADA Lindsay Shaheen requested that McGowan plead guilty and continue treatment, asking the judge to watch that gripping video. 

The judge decided this case would be continued without a finding, meaning McGowan will be on probation for two years. If she follows court orders, the child endangerment charge will be dropped. 

She must continue to live at a sober house, remain in drug treatment and remain drug and alcohol-free with random screenings.

In addition she must comply with the NH Division of Children, Youth and Families and attend a minimum of three NA/AA meetings a week.

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