Nail Salon Robbery Caught on Surveillance Video

Two men stole from Jennifer's Nails and Skin Salon on Newbury Street in Boston Monday morning- and the incident was caught on surveillance video.

Tiffany Nguyen says that one of the men tried to distract her by asking for a manicure and a pedicure while the other man began to look for money.

That other man grabbed her co-worker's purse as Tiffany noticed something else- a possible weapon. You can see Tiffany playing it very cool in the surveillance video, even though she was terrified.

In the end, the men made off with a couple credit cards and an ID. Surveillance video shows them escaping.

Police hope the public can help identify them. No arrests have been made.

Tiffany and her co-workers are shaken up, but happy no one was hurt.  

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