Double Trouble in Boston as Firefighter Strikes Again With Pillow Fights

Dozens of people accepted firefighter Brendan Edwards' request for a pillow fight duel. But this time, he had some help

He’s at it again. And this time, he has backup.

Natick, Massachusetts firefighter Brendan Edwards once again took to the tough streets of Boston to instigate pillow fights with strangers dressed in the same costume as Will Ferrell's character, Buddy, from the movie "Elf." This time around, the daring and mischievous elf had the assistance of a female counterpart.

Dressed in the same costume that “Elf” character Jovie wears in the movie, Edwards’ pillow fight teammate jumped in whenever he required some help during his silly holiday fights. As he did before, the firefighter gave his melee opponents a few seconds of notice before he tossed a pillow to them to engage in battle.

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Just before he ventured to the streets of Boston to face his tough opponents, Edwards posted a video on his Facebook page to offer clues on his location. Filmed by Ryan Sullivan, the video shows eager opponents accepting the matching and taking on the tag-teaming elves.

Edwards went viral soon after he posted his first pillow fight video on Dec. 4. The jolly firefighter told NBC10 Boston that he wanted to spread holiday cheer and brighten people’s day.

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