Needham Mother's Post on Societal Expectations for Working Moms Goes Viral

No stone was left unturned in Sarah Buckley Friedberg's viral Facebook post, which explores societal expectations of working mothers

A Massachusetts mother is being praised online for a lengthy Facebook post capturing what society expects of working moms.

Needham resident Sarah Buckley Friedberg posted a detailed message that describes what mothers are expected to execute perfectly in order to be deemed an acceptable human being. From getting back to work after birth to getting your body fit after having a baby, Friedberg covered several obstacles working moms are expected to excel at.

Friedberg begins her post by stating working mothers are expected to return from maternal leave after just six to eight weeks of bonding with your newborn.

"Go back to work before you have finished healing or have had time to bond with your baby," she said in the post. "Keep your mind on work, and not your tiny helpless baby that is being watched and cared for by someone other than you."

No stone was left unturned in Friedberg’s post, as she continues it by mentioning that working mothers are expected to keep things organized in the house. Such organization includes a clean, "Pinterest worthy" home and fun vacations.

Speaking of vacations, Friedberg pointed out how many working mothers don't get to use their vacation days to frolic and relax, but instead take their children to appointments and care for them when caretakers are unable to.

Friedberg concludes her message with some advice to mothers who understand societal pressures: Get off your phone, turn off the television and enjoy your life and children.

"These are the good times, make sure to love every minute of life because before you know it, all of this will be in the past," she wrote.

Friedberg received an outpouring of support and agreement on her post, with more than 40,000 likes and nearly 10,000 comments.

Multiple comments agreed with Friedberg while others were used to tag other people in it. 

Friedberg has not yet returned NBC10 Boston's request for a comment.

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