New Boston Parking Signs Causing Plenty of Confusion

The signs that now line Charles Street in Boston are supposed to be a solution to the parking sign confusion, but some drivers say they have only made the problem worse. 

The signs, which rolled out late this summer, are color-coded and set up like a calendar. The shades of green show when drivers can park there and the red shows when they cannot. However, the structure has plenty of struggling to understand what it all means. 

"I am not sure I understand it at all actually," Christian Bates said. "That’s a lot of reading." 

Business owners on Charles Street say they find themselves stepping out regularly to explain it to their regulars. 

"I watch at least 30 people look at the sign for five minutes and they’re still looking at the sign," John D’Amelio, the head chef at ArtuRestaurant said. "They make no sense." 

The city says the signs are part of a pilot program that has received plenty of positive feedback. 

"I like columns, colors and numbers," Tom Phillips said. "They’ve got everything I like." 

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh says the signs are meant to be helpful, but they are open to improving them if they find not enough people can understand them. 

"We’re probably going to make a couple of adjustments to them," Mayor Walsh said. 

For now, the signs are only up on Charles and Canal Streets. There is no plan yet to install them in other parts of the city. Signs with a similar design are already up in places like New Haven and Los Angeles. 

The City of Boston is asking the public to weigh in with feedback by sending an email to 

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