New England Muslim Community Responds After Orlando Attack

The Muslim community in New England is speaking out about the Orlando tragedy, a deadly attack that took place during the religion's holy month of Ramadan.

"Nothing — absolutely nothing — justifies killing an innocent human being, regardless of what your thinking may be, what religion they may be," said Malik Khan, the president of the Islamic Center of Boston, where worshipers prayed for the victims, while their leader emphasized the true meaning of Islam. "Taking an innocent life in our religion is considered the greatest sin you can ever commit."

Gunman Omar Mateen had links to Islamic extremist group ISIS, an organization most Muslim leaders denounce.

Police patrols are now protecting the place of worship out of a fear of a misguided attack.

"Attaching it to the religion, I would say, is unfair, it's not proper," said Khan. "It's got nothing to do with religion. People who commit such acts they primarily are mentally unstable people ."

Local Muslim leaders are also urging worshipers to keep an eye out and take a stand against extremism.

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