New Englanders Waiting for Spring

It's finally spring, but Mother Nature still wants it to snow in Boston.

"I can't say what I would tell Mother Nature right now," said Kristie Lutz, who is visiting the city.

"I'm so over it," said Stephanie Abaebi, who lives in the city's Beacon Hill neighborhood. "It was fun for a little while, but how many inches can you take?"

Bostonians are dealing with more snowfall, halting plans of warmer weather and a Sunny Saturday.

But some couldn't wait for a break in the weather, and decided to jump in the icey harbor at M Street Beach for a fundraiser, ironically welcoming spring.

Most, however, will just keep the winter gear at the ready, anxiously waiting for warm, sunny days.

"I'm going to hope that by April, we're out of this, and things will start blooming, and it will start feeling like spring," said Lutz. "Right now, everyone's just sick of it."

"The 40s next week, right?" asked Abaebi with a laugh. "I'm trying to stay optimistic."

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