New Headmaster Hopes to Change Culture at Boston Latin School

As a new year begins for the oldest public school in the United States, a new leader hopes to enact positive change.

Boston Latin School's previous headmaster, Lynne Mooney Teta, resigned amid a slew of allegations that she did not properly handle racially charged incidents.

Interim headmaster Michael Contompasis says he hopes to maintain the elite school's educational standards while making positive changes to the culture and community.

"There aren't enough black kids and brown kids in the building," he said. "We're trying to address that issue. That's critical."

Contompasis says that 20 years ago, one in three students at Boston Latin was black or Latino. Last year, only one in five was.

The school says it will offer a more inclusive curriculum, train staff members on diversity and have students attend assemblies. An administrator will also be made into a "diversity officer."

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