New Sea Lion Pup at New England Aquarium

Ron the sea lion pup is the newest member of the New England Aquarium family, born to proud mom Tipper just one week ago.

The baby sea lion spent his first week learning to lift his head, working on standing upright on his flippers, and walking confidently.

He is also learning how to swim.

“We don’t expect Ron to be able to swim on his own until he is a few weeks old, at the earliest,” said the Aquarium marine mammal center's Kathy Streeter.

Right now, he's still learning to enter and leave the pool.

Ron's mother, Tipper, is five years old and he is her first pup. She originally joined the New England Aquarium after being rescued from a California beach in 2013.

For now, Ron and Tipper are taking a break from the public eye. Tipper is nursing and helping Ron vocalize and touch noses. She is very protective of her pup, who was named after Dr. Ron Schusterman - a pioneering marine mammal scientist and expert in animal behavior.

Ron and Tipper will stay at the New Ballance Foundation Marine Mammal Center until Ron makes his public debut in the fall.

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