New York City Police Department Challenges Boston Police Department to the #RunningManChallenge

Police stations across the country have been challenging others to participate in the challenge

The New York City Police Department challenged the Boston Police Department to participate in the #RunningManChallenge on social media.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Running Man Challenge became a social media craze thanks to two Maryland basketball back in March.

Players Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley performed the running man dance to the 1996 Ghose Town DJs song "My Boo" and posted it to Instagram.

Other collegiate and professional sports teams caught on to the trend and began posting their dances on social media as well.

The New Zealand Police Department challenged the NYPD to the challenge.

The NYPD posted their video, depicting 5 officers and 6 students from PS/IS 323 dancing to the same song, on their Facebook page and challenged BPD to post their own video.

Let's see if the BPD responds. 

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