Nowell, Massachusetts, Town Facing Salt Shortage

Norwell, Massachusetts, is running out of salt, making snow clean-up more complicated.

Residents in Norwell, Massachusetts, are using whatever it takes to clear off roofs, plow out driveways, and shovel out their homes. Recent heavy snow closed school in town for a second day in a row and has crews hard at work clearing streets; but the town itself says they are in need of salt, making their clean up efforts even more complicated.

Paul Foulsham, the towns highway surveyor, says the town has gone through 1,500 tons of salt this winter and have only received a fraction of their most recent order due to high demand.

The town's salt vendor, Mortons, says they have seen the need for salt surge this winter due to the harsh weather. They are working to assist all their customers, although they are faced with the added challenge of a limited availability of trucks used to make the deliveries, saying much of this equipment is also being used for snow removal and plowing efforts.

Norwell has declared their own local state of emergency and the National Guard is coming to assist them in shoveling out fire hydrants. Meanwhile, the town and its residents say they will keep moving forward with their clean up efforts and will do what it takes to prepare for the next storm.  

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