Officer Accused of Threatening Man Resigns

The city of Medford, Massachusetts, has accepted the resignation of an officer accused of threatening a man.

Officer Stephen Lebert was to face a disciplinary hearing on Thursday in connection with his behavior and threatening statements made back in July toward Michael Coates in Medford.

The Medford mayor's office released a statement saying in part: "In light of his resignation, effective immediately Officer LeBert's payroll status will be changed from 'administrative leave with pay' and to 'administrative leave without pay' while his retirement papers are being processed.

LeBert also stated his intention to retire as a member of the city of Medford's police department.

LeBert, who was off-duty at the time of the incident, allegedly threatened a man after pulling him over for driving down a one-way street, reportedly telling him he would "blow a hole through your f---ing head." 

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