One-on-One With Massachusetts Governor-Elect Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker reveals when it hit him that he would be the next Bay State governor

Governor-Elect Charlie Baker has been on a thank you tour since Election Day last Tuesday, traveling around Massachusetts, from Springfield to Worcester to Boston neighborhoods, to places where Republicans don’t often campaign too hard.

Political reporter Alison King sat down with Baker at the Seaport Hotel to talk about what happened for him on election night and in the days that have followed.

Baker says that while he wasn't able to give his victory speech, he doesn't feel robbed.

"I mean, events sort of overwhelmed the evening," he said, referring to the reaction by his opponent, Martha Coakley.

He also admitted to having a concession speech.

"We had two speeches and went into the evening knowing that pretty much anything could happen," Baker said.

Baker said it took a while for his victory in the Massachusetts governor's race to sink in. The next day, there were calls of congratulations including from governors Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Mike Pence. He was invited to the State House to meet with Governor Deval Patrick to talk about the state of the state and was given a piece of advice: have fun.

"I thought it was great advice. And it's the kind of advice I hear from my wife all the time. I tend to be a serious person by nature and I consider this to be a very serious honor that's been bestowed upon me," Baker said, adding, "But to tell you the truth, the most interesting and sort of meaningful moment was my wife and my daughter and I went into a local restaurant in Swampscott for dinner on Friday night and the whole place burst into applause and I think in some respects, that was probably when it all came home."

It has been a week of emotional highs for Baker, including a visit Sunday to Grace Church of all Nations in Dorchester where Baker, who had campaigned there multiple times, and his wife Lauren were called up to receive a "spiritual blessing."

"The best way I can describe it is to say that it was as moving and spiritual a 'good luck son' as you could ever possibly get from somebody, and both Lauren and I were talking about it all day," he said.

Baker spent the morning at the State House where he met with legislative leaders.

Does Baker feel it's awkward to be at the State House surrounded by people who were not necessarily behind him in the governor's race?

"One of my goals is going to be not just continue to have the respect and support of the people who voted for me, but to earn the respect and support of some of the people who didn't," Baker said. 

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