Parents Ask for Cards From Heaven For Son's 1st Birthday

Kate Middlemiss joined NECN to spread awareness about cardiomyopathy and Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation

The parents of a Massachusetts infant are asking for cards from heaven to celebrate their son’s first birthday.

Jack Middlemiss has endured a lot of pain and suffering. His mother, Kate Middlemiss, joined NECN to discuss the plans.

Jack has a condition called cardiomyopathy, which is a disease of the heart. His older brother, Joseph, also had the condition and endured it for over six years before passing away due to sudden cardiac arrest.

Kate Middlemiss and her husband started the Joseph Middlemiss Big Heart Foundation just after Joseph passed away, in hopes of spreading awareness about the disease.

“Jack has endured a lot in his first year and we wanted to make his birthday special- something about him. His brother is in heaven and we know that if his brother was here with him, he’d want to be celebrating as much as possible. So the idea behind it is individuals who have a loved one in heaven would write a letter to Jack, I guess, believing that their loved one in heaven has met Joseph and told Joseph all about his brother.”

If you want to send a letter to Jack, here is the address:
Jack Middlemiss
P.O. Box 428
Dracut, Massachusetts 01826 

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