Parole Hearing Held for MA Convicted Murderer

"I wish I could take back everything," said 66-year-old Richard Seymour.

Seymour pleaded for parole Tuesday after spending three decades in prison for murdering his then 17-year-old son Patrick in his family's Billerica, Massachusetts home and then tying up his daughter Paula and her friend and stabbing his wife Regina when they learned of what he had done.

Seymour said, "Oh geez I'm sorry, I'm sorry I murdered our son Regina, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Paula for your brother, I'm sorry for everything, I take responsibility for all of my actions and the torment I caused my family both before and after the murder."

Seymour's former wife Regina Marsh said, "I think it's just his way of hoping he's going to get out."

Regina and Paula not only doubt Seymour's sincerity, but they fear what would happen if he was granted parole, even out of state in Connecticut as he has requested.

Seymour's daughter Paula Todisco said, "We would be put in our own prison constantly looking over our shoulders, wondering everywhere we went is he there, is he going to come after us again?"

Then we have a life sentence, that's exactly what it is. How do we live after that, you going to sentence us now?"

This is the fourth time Seymour's former wife and daughter have had to beg the parole board not to release him.
But they say it's worth the pain and stress of seeing him and reliving the worst day of their lives to make sure he remains locked up.

Todisco said, "It's hard but I made a promise a long time ago to my brother at I would always be his voice, he doesn't have one now, I'll come as many times as I need to."

Seymour's attorney was granted two weeks to respond to a filing made by the district attorney's office Tuesday.
It will take at least that long for the board to render a decision.

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