Passengers Still Stuck After Plane Goes off Runway at Logan

An Azores Airlines flight drifted off the runway while landing at Logan Airport on Sunday, which has left passengers stuck in Boston for days.

The FAA is now looking into how the runway incident was caused. 

Passengers like Marina Goulart and her sister Natasha Brown, from California, have been stuck in Boston since Monday morning. 

"My uncle is getting married. We want to see our family," said Goulart. 

Brown said, "We don't see them very often, only every four or five years." 

The girls said the trip is more than just a vacation it's about reconnecting with their family. 

Their flight is schedule to fly out Thursday night at 9:30 but four days of being stranded in Boston has chipped away faith they've had in Azores Airlines. 

"They've been canceling them (flights) but they're not telling anybody anything," said Goulart. 

Azores airline has been paying for passengers hotel stays but with each passing day it's covering less and less. 

"Yesterday they said they didn't have enough hotel vouchers to give out and they shortened how much money they gave for food compared to the other days," Brown said. 

The sisters said they're still unsure about why they're stuck. 

"We were told that a catering company bumped into one of the plane's doors and damaged it," said Brown. "Then we were also told a car, the one that leads the plane out of the parking spot, bumped into a different plane." 

Goulart and Brown are flying to Terceira on flight 3232 but they're unsure if they'll get to fly, even if he plane leaves. 

"I was told that it's not first come first serve it a complete lottery," said Goulart. 

"You don't get a choice whether you're on the plane or not, they just choose it random," said Brown. 

Only two airlines fly to the Azroes, Azores Airlines and TAP Portugal. 

"Stop disallowing other airlines to come in from the United States that's what I really want," said Goulart. "For them to put off that ban and allow other competition because that's what keeps companies doing the right thing." 

When NBC Boston reached out to Azores Airlines, they released a statement that read, 

"A series of technical issues this week with two of our long-range fleet has caused a delay for some passengers at Boston Logan on flights to Portugal. Our team has strived to get the affected aircraft back in service, and to partner with local airport officials to accommodate and inform impacted passengers. We anticipate that by the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday, all service will be back to normal, and all passengers will be at their destinations." 

It added, "As always, the safety and wellbeing of our passengers is our highest concern, and we will work around the clock to resolve this issue." 

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