Patriots' Floyd Knows He May Be Running Out of Chances

Michael Floyd speaks about his DUI and second chance with the Patriots

Patriots wide receiver Michael Floyd, who was released by the Arizona Cardinals following a Dec. 12 DUI arrest, says he's thankful New England gave him a second chance in the NFL. 

"You only have a certain amount of chances," Floyd said, while addressing reporters in the lockerroom. "It's about learning from that mistake. I couldn't be in a better position now with this team. The guys that they have around here, just keeping me focused." 

Floyd was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona in the early-morning hours of Dec. 12. Body-cam video released by Scottsdale Police this week shows Floyd appearing unresponsive as police approach his Cadillac Escalade after they observed the vehicle stopped at a green traffic light. 

A reporter asked Floyd why he chose to drive in such a condition and he said, "It's a choice and all I can do is learn from that and move forward." 

According to police, Floyd's blood alcohol content was 0.217. The legal limit in Arizona is 0.08.

Floyd was released by the Arizona Cardinals two days after his arrest and subsequently claimed on waivers by the Patriots. 

Floyd has practiced with the Patriots, but has yet to play in a game.

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