Did Tom Brady Just Drop a Hint About Why He Missed OTAs?

The quarterback's answer to a simple question about a teammate was rather cryptic

Did Tom Brady just give us a hint at the reason why he missed this year's voluntary offseason workouts?

It's been widely implied in print and on TV that the New England Patriots quarterback missed the voluntary workouts because of an ongoing beef with Bill Belichick stemming from the head coach's decision to ban Brady's trainer and business partner, Alex Guerrero, from the sidelines during games.

But Brady has never said anything to back up that theory. Until now, anyway.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Brady was asked if he had a chance to work with wide receiver Kenny Britt at all during the offseason.

Brady paused, then repeated the question. "Was I able to work with him?" 

A big grin then broke out across his face as he responded cryptically, "I wasn't here in the offseason. I wasn't here in the offseason."

Asked a follow-up question about whether he had a chance to work with Britt outside of the Patriots' practice facility, Brady said again "I wasn't here," with a smirk.

The questioning then moved on to another topic, at which point Brady's smile vanished.

Was Brady sending a message with his body language? Watch the video above and decide for yourself... 

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