PD: 2 Badly Injured in Brighton Hit-and-Run

Police confirmed that are expected to survive

Two victims are being treated for serious injuries after being struck in a hit-and-run incident in Brighton, Massachusetts Sunday night.

Boston EMS said that two pedestrians were brought to area hospitals after being hit. Their identities and locations have not been released.

Police confirmed that both victims are women and they are expected to survive.

A van located about half a mile from the crash site has been taped off by police, but it's not confirmed whether it is the vehicle that hit the women. The front of the van is badly damaged and its airbags are deployed.

"We heard this like really huge bam," said, Ludwig Andersson, who overheard the crash.

Speaking to NBC Boston, Bill Taylor, a friend of the victims, said both are Japanese students at Education First. They're in their early twenties, new to the U.S., and working on learning English.

Both women had apparently just stepped off of a bus, headed back to their dorm after dinner.

Taylor said,"You just kind of worry about their family reaction. They're far from home; support systems aren't there. Maybe their family doesn't even know yet."

A man who was by the intersection where the crash occurred said he saw the light change colors and the driver of the vehicle increase speed to make it through.

Police interviewed someone in connection to the crash but did not confirm whether that person is the driver.

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