PD: Man Approaching Child Was Not a “Threat”

Police said they’ve identified a man who reportedly approached a six-year-old child near a bus stop in Burlington, Massachusetts and believe he did so without criminal intent. 

On Wednesday, a six-year-old boy told his mother that he was approached by a man in an "older green car" near the intersection of Gedick and Gibson Roads around 3 p.m. The man asked the boy where he lived, prompting the child to run home and tell his mother.

Police said they investigated the report and were able to locate the owner of the car, a Burlington resident, who also matched the child’s description of the driver.

After interviewing the suspect, police said they determined there was no criminal and intent and don’t plan to file any charges.

"There does not appear to be any criminal intent by this man," Chief Kent said. "We believe he had no intention of harming the boy he approached, and that at no time was there a threat to public safety."

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